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DaVinci Learning Academy

an educational renaissance

DaVinci Learning Academy

 DaVinci Learning Academy, Inc.  (DVLA) is an inclusive Florida based non-profit pre-kindergarten through 12th grade private school in Orange County Florida. Department of Education number 6228. 

DVLA is also for homeschool families who wish to be more involved in their children's education and participate in our private school instruction, activities and teams.

DaVinci Learning Academy provides a new renaissance in education offering programs that combine site based instruction, online programs, fieldtrips and home-based learning.

DVLA classes follow a classical model of education. Classes mirror real world scenarios - multi-level, multi-age, teamwork and project based in an academically challenging, yet fun, environment. DVLA has a strong focus in the STEM subjects - science, technology, engineering and mathematics, plus numerous opportunities to participate in the arts.

The program is completely flexible with families being able to choose their curriculum, classes and level of involvement with DVLA that best suits their unique needs.

DVLA opened for enrollment in June 2011.


DaVinci Learning Academy's mission is to encourage, enhance,  support and enrich each individual families academic, elective enrichment and social learning goals.  Recognizing the different needs of families,  DaVinci Learning Academy offers different levels of services.  Families can chose the level of support and involvement that best suits their educational needs.

Who can take DVLA classes?

DaVinci Learning Academy has programs for EVERYONE! It is not necessary to enroll in the DVLA private school to take many of the classes.

  • In person classes at DVLA - limited enrollment to provide for small class sizes and a personalized educational experience.
  • Online classes through DVLA  - anyone can take these. Yes, even adults! We really believe that education is a life-long adventure.
  • Online classes through FLVS® - are available to Florida students in our private school program.
  • Community based classes - these are designed for families who consider themselves "homeschoolers" no matter what the legal definition of their education is. Many "homeschoolers" are enrolled in online schools, private schools or charter schools in addition to the ones registered with the county. All are welcome at DVLA.
  • "Umbrella school" or "cover school" service. The other "private school" option.                 
  • Traditional full-time, full-curriculum, on campus private school option. On-site parental involvement is required. This option is now full for the 2015-2016 year. Accepting wait list students with non-refundable application fee, enrollment subject to family interview, space becoming available and paid full time enrollment fees.

DVLA is NOT a baby-sitting, nor a child warehousing service.  We don't believe the government model of education works and have no desire to duplicate it here at DVLA. We do not allow drop-offs, as we strongly feel that family involvement is the key to a strong educational foundation.

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